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Pashtoon Diaspora

Pashtoon Women in The West


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Nasheman Ara

I like writing on everything that affects the life in its physical existence - the condition of human, animals, environment, culture, governance, law and the Constitution of Pakistan. What I think, that I write and it does not suggest that it should be read or discarded without criticism. Awareness and Evolution should be an integral part of the governing system affecting 'We, The People Of Pakistan'

Mehlab Jameel

Anger is political.


Author, Politician & Human Rights Activist


Review on books across the globe



Let's analyze politics, media and cricket with archereye

FATA Reforms

News on Reforms in Pakistan Tribal Areas

‎ ‎جمیل قادری کا بلاگ

مسلمانوں کی اصلاح‎اسلامی تعلیم اورطب نبوی ویونانی اس ویب سائٹ کا مقصد ہے ‏


My opinion

Nick's Blog

My latest articles, reports and interviews

.cannot eat money.

on law in pakistan

Trapped Truth

issues and back ground realities relating to the region of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Balochistan

The Constitution of Pakistan, 1973 Developed by Zain Sheikh

Zain Sheikh & Associates, Advocates & Corporate Consultants

Qari Muhammad Hanif Dar Blog

قاری محمد حنیف ڈار، خطیب جامع مسجد پاکستان سینٹر، ابو ظہبی۔

بے لاگ :- -: Be Laag

ایک مختلف زاویہ۔ از جاوید گوندل

ارتقاءِ حيات

اسلامی شعور کو جِلا بخشنے کی مبہم کوشش

Servant of Sahaba Blog

Short Biographies of Sahaba and Defence of Sahaba

Freedom from the Forbidden

All things gender and Islam. No bigotry is allowed in this feminist territory.

Ghani Khan

Life & Works of Ghani Khan

slazzenger007's Blog

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SarwatAJ- ثروت ع ج

اس نے خوشبو کی طرح میری پزیرائی کی

بےادب بامراد

غزل کہیں کہ سنیں شامِ سرمئی سے غزل


Just another site


ایک حیوانِ ناطق کی دریافت ہائے معقولات


Enlighten your Thoughts!!!

شاعرِ جنوب

میں آپ کا حرفِ مدعا ہوں، مجھے دعائوں میں یاد رکھیئے


Cor prudens possidebit scientiam

International Islamic Library Online (IILO)

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توڑ دینے سے چہرے کی بدنمائی تو نہیں جاتی


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